What is Terracoin?

Terracoin is a cryptocurrency.


What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a means of payment from the point of view of the European Community legislation and an innovation comparable to Internet from the point of view of US Senate experts.


How can cryptocurrencies be useful to help people?

Unlike any traditional means of payment, any transaction done with the majority of cryptocurrencies is visible online. That is to say that anyone at any moment can see how much money was paid and to whom.

The other important feature is that any amount of money can be sent using the cryptocurrencies within minutes anywhere in the world and between people who do not even know each other.

There is no need to open an account to receive a payment with the cryptocurrencies. There is no verification procedure and no income certification or previous payment history to submit anywhere. Typically, it is enough to have a computer or a mobile phone and to download and install a free software called 'wallet' to be able to send and receive the payments.


Is Terracoin the best cryptocurrency?

As it's impossible to say that someone is the smartest person in the world, in the same way it's quite hard to say which cryptocurrency is the best one.  All depend on the criteria upon which one needs to judge.

However, Terracoin shares the most advanced features of the major cryptocurrencies and even more advanced ones are being implemented these days; it's also possible to buy the cryptocurrencies having other features with Terracoin. So Terracoin may be seen as a gateway to the vast world of cryptocurrencies, which represents a world of additional services for Terracoin.


What are cryptocurrencies being used for?

The main reason people start being interested in cryptocurrencies is its speculative potential. In fact, because of the high price fluctuation of the cryptocurrencies many people have made a fortune through them - of course, one should be highly advised not to even think about spending on them what he can't afford to lose.

The other reason is the possibility to apply one's creativity or professional skills (as a developer, advertiser, writer, trader) in a very innovational field.


So why is Terracoin so special?

The most important feature of Terracoin is the idea to use all the typical positive cryptocurrency features for a noble purpose: to help the world. And along with the personal financial growth, to be able to help others, especially where help is mostly needed.

This idea shared by the whole Terracoin Community makes Terracoin unique.


Further reading

For more information please visit the official site of Terracoin Foundation a non profit company that develops Terracoin: https://terracoin.io

You can also reach and talk directly to the people that are part of Terracoin Community. To do so just sign up on its official chat: https://mattermost.terracoin.io