by Fauzia Majumder

star schoolI was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, studied in Holy Cross High School. The school was our favorite place, the books, library, playground, and the Sisters in our school, helping us to understand and enjoy lessons. When we grew up, we saw that local schools are not same. The lessons are not interesting, no action, and no story-telling, there was a small play-ground but we were not permitted to play, we felt sad for others. There wasn’t any library!

After serving my family, I came to live with my mum and dad. I saw under pillaged children are not getting proper education.

I bought the books I loved and enjoyed to read. I got some copies, color pencils. But nothing worked. Local people had local schools. So I thought for them, who were under-privileged. But according to them, when everything is free, it is not a good school, you will not get proper education there. It is like this that what you get free is totally free for you. Take it or leave it. You want education, you go to school, if you don’t feel like taking education, and you are free not to go there. No promises, no thoughts for others like teachers, facilitators waiting for you, no responsibility. I needed to pay the teachers and the house rent and the bills. So I started to take fees. I give them books, uniform, tiffin (some snacks) once a week and take them to a study tour. All of these works need money. So I ask them to pay as much as they can and the rest of the amount is added by me.

star schoolThe name of my school is “STAR SCHOOL,” it is only a kindergarten school. We have 50 students from age 4+ to 10. Almost all of the students are under privileged. Their parents are working parents but never sufficient enough and they never can afford field trips. I myself try to offer them summer fruits, blankets for winter and toys to play inside the school. I give them, the most I can give. I want to bring up as well as they can serve the society. At least not to become like street vagabonds. They enjoy studying in my school, but I want to give them more. They need to have doctor’s check-up and need to know more about hygiene, to stay healthy and fit. I need educational toys to make learning fun and interesting. When they get some facilities, like free books, colors, toys, these will increase their interest which will keep them engaged with the lessons. My uncle helped me with the IPS,(indoor power system), the battery is finished. If I can afford a battery, the children will not feel hot and they will not suffer. They should learn to be honest, need to be brave and strong to face the challenges of life.

I spend nearly 450$ for my school, only to rent the flat and to pay the bills. The payment from the children is paid to the teachers. My family insists me to close the school, it is seven long years, (running 8th), and I don’t get any money, only some of my students love me and I love my students. I wish to see them succeed in life.

I submit my wish-list, dear donators, your donation will bring hope to my underprivileged students. You can see them in Facebook page, link: and then the wish-list link:

This is only for my students to give them those as prizes and gifts. You can send directly using DHL. Thanks, my hope and your donation, may brighten up their life.

You can send money in my Paypal account to help me with the rent, too: [email protected]

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