Being of Service to Children

by Fauzia Majumder (the owner of the school)

star schoolThe name of my school is STAR SCHOOL; it is only a kindergarten, actually. We have 50 students from ages 4 to 10. Almost all of them are underprivileged children. Their parents are working and try very earnestly to afford good education for the children. But the money they make is never enough, and they never can afford field trips. I myself try to offer them summer fruits, blankets for winter and toys to play inside the school. I give them the most I can give. I want to bring them up as well as I can, so that when they become adults they can serve their society in return. At least, I wish for them not to become anything like a street vagabond.

The children enjoy studying at my school, but I want to give them more. I feel it’s important for them to have medical check-ups and be educated about hygiene;to stay healthy and fit. They need more facilities that make learning fun and interesting, such as books, colouring pencils and toys. I know having an access to these things will increase their interest which will keep them engaged with the lessons.

I think children should learn to be honest, brave and strong to face the challenges of life.

I was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and studied at Holy Cross Girl’s High School. As children, the school was our favourite place; the books, library, playground, and the Sisters were always kind in helping us to understand and enjoy lessons. When we were growing up, we saw that the local schools were not the same as ours. Their lessons were not as interesting; there was no action nor storytelling; they didn’t even have a library! There was a small playground, but they were not permitted to play. We often felt sad for them.

After serving my family, I came to live with my mum and dad, and saw underprivileged children were not getting proper education the way I had. So I began buying books for them which I had loved and enjoyed as a child. I got them copies of pictures and colouring pencils. I was trying to create a school that would be fun for the children, but my efforts weren’t working as I had expected. Their parents thought that a school which provides everything for free is not a good school, because then the children wouldn’t be educated properly. They worry the children wouldn’t have any thoughts for the teachers and facilitators who might be waiting for them. After all, it is a free school; if they want education they’ll come, and if they don’t, they’re also free not to come.

star schoolSo I began to take tuition fees to make sure the parents are convinced that there is quality education being offered at my school. I ask them to pay just as much as they can. I give the children books, uniform, tiffin (some snacks) once a week, and occasionally take them out for a study tour. I have an uncle who is helping me with an IPS (indoor power system), but it has run out of battery now. I’m trying to figure out how to afford a new battery so the children will not feel too hot when they’re studying.

I spend nearly $450 to run the operational for STAR SCHOOL, such as house rent and other bills. I use the school’s tuition to pay the teachers. The school is now 7 long years, almost 8. I don’t get paid for this work, so my family insists me to close the school for my own good. But my doing this is because my students love me and I love my students. I wish to see them succeed in life.

Although their life has many challenges, my students are kind-hearted children. I want to brighten their life by giving them prizes and gifts they have never had before. So I decided to create a Wishlist on Amazon, on which you can browse items all children will be happy to see. My wish is for your kind donation to bring hope to my underprivileged students. And if you do decide to donate, I would suggest sending by trackable shipping so you may check the status of your donated gift and to avoid loss of item during shipment.

You can send money in my Paypal account to help me with the rent, too: [email protected]

I am grateful for any donation you make towards the children of STAR SCHOOL. The children and I would very much love to personally extend our thanks to you. So if you'd like, we can become friends on Facebook and I will publish some photos or a short rapport for you to see how useful the items or money you've donated were to our school.

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