The goals of our award

Our main goal is to provide as much help as possible with the unused funds available through TRC Decentralized Governance vote.

The second most important goal for us is to spread awareness, among the individuals and charities that are interested and able to provide help in a transparent and efficient way, about the opportunities to help the world that Terracoin offers.

The third goal of this award is to attract those individuals and charities into the discussion inside the Terracoin community in order to develop together our ideas and intensify them with real life experiences and new insights.


Our model of helping the world

The world is a vast place to live and everywhere some help is of course needed.

So we need to agree upon some criteria to be used in order to help the world as much as possible.

Our list of criteria in order of importance is as follows:

  1. Saving human lives.
  2. Saving people from starvation and thirst.
  3. Helping people who are suffering from diseases or are afflicted physically or psychologically.
  4. Helping people out of poverty.
  5. Implementing technology that solves the above issues.
  6. Providing general help to improve the quality of people's life.

Of course helping the world using the above criteria is important but, unfortunately, not enough. There is no humanitarian organization, charity or NGO that is able to claim to have unlimited funds.

So all the above described actions should be performed under the general principles of efficiency:

  • Using the available resources to leave as many resources as possible to help even more.
  • Being transparent as much as possible (every action should be verifiable by everybody at anytime).
  • Possibly acting on the causes of the issues instead of on their effects.
  • Providing help in a way so it does not create situations where additional help is needed.


Be part of it

If you feel inspired with the ideas expressed so far, you are warmly welcome to become a protagonist of this project.

There is plenty of space for your creative and caring energy here:

  • If you have an idea, a project within our model of helping the world and are able to fulfil it let our award be your inspiration to begin with. So you'll be able to submit the results of your project in order to participate to the Terracoin helps the world award.  By winning our prize, you will get new funds to go on helping the world.
  • If you do not have enough funding to realise your project, we can try to help you by asking TRC Decentralized Governance to finance it. We can also advertise it in our Donate section.
  • If you feel inspired to help the world with us, but you don't have a project to fulfil, you can consult a local charity or contact us, or both to find an idea together that fits into your time availability, your personal aspiration and your abilities.


Those who will be able to fulfil a project in agreement with our model of helping the world can submit their project for our award.

- 1° prize is 5000 TRC.
- 2° prize is 2500 TRC
- 3° prize is 1250 TRC

Please consult the conditions of our award.