General conditions:

  • You can donate any amount of TRC, but if you donate more than what have been required for the purpose you have donated for, we'll send your remaining funds back.
  • Your funds will remain untouched until they are needed for the purpose you donated. You'll be able to check them anytime by inputting the address you donated to using the following instrument:
  • Your funds will be used only for the purpose you donated. In case we are not able to fulfil that purpose, you'll receive your funds back.
  • If you'd like us to invest your funds into our shared masternode to produce even more funds, please instruct us to do so using our contact us form.


Project(s) for which you can donate TRC right now:


"Terracoin helps the world" award prizes fund

TRC address for this donation: 18UVwd38BoULNCtjNaVrqxQKV4h96EAiAr

The amount of prizes to fund: 11300 TRC


Cover our promotional model

(10% of the awards for the representatives and 5% of the awards for the head of project to cover the promotional expenses and time dedicated)

TRC address for this donation: 1MtyG1guugVmQ57ZUo2MQ7E4c8LH7bm8uv

The amount to cover: 1695 TRC


If you'd like to donate for something that is not in the list above feel free to contact us.