The advent of cryptocurrencies is very recent, so there are potentially many risks for those using them.

Before even thinking about participating in our award or more generally getting involved in cryptocurrencies, you should very thoroughly check whether the cryptocurrencies are legal in your country and if the activities you are intending to undertake do meet the legal and moral norms of the society you are living in or are intending to act in.

You are the sole responsible of the consequences of your actions in the widest extent legally and morally possible.

Keep in mind that the cryptocurrencies are not regulated or are very weakly regulated in most countries in the world. Thus, getting involved in cryptocurrencies, you risk facing unexpected behaviours from the public officials of your country: fines, sanctions, lawsuits, jail even if there is no specific law that enables public officials of your country (or the country you are intending to act into) to inflict them.

We advise you to regularly check the new regulations in your country, or in the country you are intending to use cryptocurrencies, because the new limitations or even complete prohibition of them may occur suddenly, which may cause you big losses and issues of any kind. Of course, we cannot assume any responsibility towards you or any other person because of that.

Keep also in mind that the new ideas often cause people who don't understand or don't agree with them to be very much upset and angry towards those who express those ideas. Just think about the fate of Giordano Bruno, burned at the stake in 1600 because, amongst other things, he was publicly stating that the earth is not the centre of universe, that the stars are celestial objects similar to the sun and that the universe is infinite.

The cryptocurrencies themselves, as well as TRC specifically and our award are, of course, a kind of new ideas that may not be accepted by the people in the country where you might be interested to promote them. So please be careful to speak publicly about cryptocurrencies, TRC and/or our award because it may cause you any kind of harm, legal or political persecution, as well as physical and/or financial outrage. We cannot assume any responsibility towards you or any other person in those situations.

People may just get envious about your position, your actions or your ideas and it can cause you all the issues described above, as well as others we are not able to imagine right now.

Keep in mind our efficiency concepts one of which is "providing help in a way so as it does not create situations where additional help is needed". So we strongly encourage you not to undertake any action that can cause you even the slightest kind of issue. We don't need martyrs and heroes and we are not doing revolution here.

Sadly enough, there are situations where people suffer and even die because other people are making money out of it. Those situations are probably the most dangerous ones. Before you even think of acting in those situations, please consider another proviso of our efficiency concepts: "possibly acting on the causes of the issues instead of on its effects" - in those situations acting on the causes is a must. People who are making money through evil deeds may one day become interested in making money by helping people instead.  We need to show them the real advantages of doing so through our actions.

If you receive threats, take a step back, even if doing so may throw a negative shade on our project. And after you have done everything to avoid the risks, think what you can do to include in your action the interests of the people who threatened you. If nothing useful comes into your mind just give up.

The cryptocurrencies, and more specifically TRC, may disappear as results of: energy collapse, advent of quantum computers, new revolutionary ideas that will make cryptocurrencies obsolete, collapse of infrastructures, sophisticated hackers' attack, irresolvable code issues, consistent prohibition by the governments, persecution, insanity or immorality of the developers, meteorite fall, alien attack, the sudden change of the laws of the nature and any other reason we are not able to imagine right now.

We do not advise nor encourage you to invest into cryptocurrencies, to buy them, to handle them or to play with them and to even think about them if you haven't done enough research and taken enough considerations for you to take a mature, independent decision.

We are in no way associated or affiliated with the TRC development team or any other organization that deals with the cryptocurrencies. Nor and we not responsible in any way for their actions, decisions or possible errors.

We don't know what market value will TRC have in the future. It can go down even to zero. We don't assume any responsibility for the market values of TRC.

As a consequence of what we have said so far we may not be able to transmit TRC to you in due time or the value of TRC transmitted by us may just be zero. It's possible that as a result of hackers' attack, we'll lose all the TRC available for this award, so we may not be able to honour the promises we gave on this site, verbally or elsewhere. It's possible that the TRC  available for this award may be physically stolen, or the computer that contains them may be irremediably damaged, together with the backup supports. The TRC may be banned by governments or expropriated by public officials. In all the above cases, as well as in all the other possible cases, we do not assume any responsibility and probably we will not be able to bring this award to completion, which will be a great pity, from our point of view.

The main goal of our award is to help people and you should join us only if you'd do it with or without any reward and only if you are ready in any case to face any kind of losses, outrages, persecutions to be able to help people together with us.

We do not assume any kind of responsibility for your joining our award and the consequence of your decision.

By joining our award: submitting your project, donating to us, working for us, representing us and even writing to us, - you are exonerating us in advance from whatever possible responsibility, direct or indirect, that your joining may cause to you, to the other people, properties and/or entities.

You must inform your relatives and other people close to you that you have taken the decision to join our award, about the above consequences it implies and that you decided to accept them freely. You must inform people who will work or interact in any way with you in the context of this award about the possible above-described consequences and be sure they understand and agree.

This site may be hacked at some point. We do not assume any responsibility for the concepts or communications done by possible hackers.