The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a country in South Asia. It’s the sixth most popular country in the world, with regards to its ancient cultures, earliest human civilization (the Bronze Age Indus Valley Civilization), Mughal Empire rooting and influence and historic independence of 1947 linked with the largest mass migration of human history. 

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The manifold climate and geography of Pakistan is the reason for its prominence around the world. The second-highest mountain peak in the world-K-2, Home of Fairies on the top of Hindu Kush (Saif Ul-Malook), and the diverse variety of wildlife are the biggest attractions for the domestic and foreign tourists. 

People of Pakistan faces many substantial challenges including, repeated natural disasters due to geographical location, constant outbreak of variety of diseases, under- nutrition children and pregnant women, water scarcity, unhygienic food, poverty and low level of education. According to the World Health Organization report, about 1.5 million people get affected and only 21% victims get funded with the help of international NGOs, national NGOs, UN agencies or by national authorities. 

For years, acid attacks and stove bursts in the kitchens have been heavily reported. Women are targeted on the streets or at houses with an intention to destroy her appearance, which restricts her rights of marriage, work, education, and motherhood. Due to poverty and gross negligence of stove maintenance and repair, a woman cooking food in the kitchen get burnt alive or left with 3rd degree burns mostly on face, neck, and chest. 

We can’t imagine the pain and distress a victim bear. Suddenly, a victim loses her Identification if be blessed to survive. A women doesn’t suffer alone, but, her complete family system gets damaged. Once a happy life family finds themselves on the shore of confusion and distortion.

Victim not only suffers from phycological stress but often lose her eyes, ears, and skin tissues, which makes the surgical procedure to restore the facial parts very difficult and expensive.

Depilex Smile Again Foundation was formed in 2003 with a mission to provide free medical care and reconstructive surgery to acid attack & stove burst victims. An organization restlessly support the victims with available resources, make them productive for themselves and for the community and assist them with job placement and trainings. 

Depilex Smile Again Foundation, has created a legal representation cell for such brutal incidents and educational training center to create awareness about violence. The legal panel provides legal aid services to prevent their rights and improve women empowerment, which was never done before by any national or international non-profit in Pakistan. 

Each victim has a different story but they all experience the similar distress, they all share the same tears and face identical social isolation.

One of the crucial stages after moral support is the restoration of facial parts (eyes, ears, nose) and skin tissues. It takes quite a few surgeries to get visible results and a lot of expense to make it possible. Victims of acid attack and stove burst strive for their life and identity. We all can support and make a difference in their lives to make their better today and empowered tomorrow. Depilex Smile Again Foundation is constantly looking for financial support and time commitment.  

  • You can make USD payment in the name of “Duplex Smile again Foundation” to Standard Chartered Bank, New York (Swift Code: SCBLUS33 FEDWIRE NO.026002561, Swift Address SCBLPKKX, Account NO. 3582050996001). 

  • EURO payments could be made to Standard Chartered Bank, 37 Gracechurch street, London EC3V OBX UK (Swift Code: SCBLGB2L Sort Code NO.50.00.00, Swift Address SCBLPKKX, Account No.05708389001).

The secret to happiness is helping others. Lending a supportive hand can have a pivotal impact in yours and others lives. Make a difference today and support generously!

For more information and further understanding about functions and reputation of Depilex Smile Again Foundation, please visit:

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