written by Arpita Sharma

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Nangal is a beautiful town in the state of Punjab, with fame which may seem in excess until a visitor is treated to its refreshing natural scenes. Its wetlands serve as a hotspot for migratory birds and it is an experience that thousands of visitors yearn for each year. It also hosts a megastructure, “Bhakra Dam,” which is one of the largest man-made reservoirs and the third largest dam in India. Beyond these, Nangal is the centre for another innovation, Jinda Jeev Besahara.

India is tenth on the list of wealthiest countries in the world, however, 22% of its population live in poverty. While the percentage might not seem significant, the actual figure of 260 million people implies that 1 out of 5 Indians face poverty; it is staggering. According to statistics from the world bank, some people live on $1.25 daily and cannot afford three square meals. Set up by the local people of Nangal, Jinda Jeev Besahara has a mission of supporting the needy, helpless and disabled people, toward fighting off the cloud of doom which hangs on the future of several Indians.

Mr. Ashok Sachdeva founded the Jinda jeev beshara, driven by the dream of a future where no one would be denied of the three basic needs of shelter, food and clothes, and poverty would be significantly reduced. “Besahara Ashram," the name of the charity's shelter, means a home for those who have no one by their side. It is not surprising that their activities involve providing food to the needy, providing shelter for the homeless, providing treatments to the neglected sick, among others. The charity was born after a small incident dating back to about 30 years, when Ashok used to volunteer at a gurudwara with a fellow called Ram Asra. One day Ram narrated how at a point in his life, he was the only one left of his immediate family and he had reached a dead end. His distant relatives succeeded in tricking him into writing his property to them and he no longer had a place to live while suffering from disease as well. Ashok offered Ram a place in his home where he lived for a couple of years. Ram’s death brought Mr. Ashok to the realization that there were people living in misery. His conviction that no one should live such a life when God has made us all humans, became strengthened and the keystone of the foundation was laid down.

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I met a man at the charity. He saw me taking pictures and he wanted a picture of himself too. He smiled for me with all his heart. He couldn’t speak so he used sign language to make me understand. Other people at the ashram told me his story; he was differently abled and because of this, his family had abandoned him and that’s how he reached Besahara Ashram. He was a happy man there and he had a lot of friends. I realised that the charity was not just a place, it was a community and everyone took care of everyone like a family.

Besahara ashram also extends its mission toward saving the new generation from the ferocious nature of malnutrition. Each individual from the charity distributes milk and other food products of nutritional value among the children. India has a budding population of children between the ages of 3 and 12 years, and a large proportion are victims of malnutrition.

Whether it’s the homeless, needy, children or the disabled, this organisation has helped many lives. You can help them too. Your little donation could sponsor someone’s three daily meals or put smiles on the faces of little children. Besahara Ashram accepts its donations through their bank account directly. You can also find out more about them on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jindajeev/

Bank account details are as follows:

Jinda jeev be sahara society
Andhra bank
Branch-Nangal dam
A/c 281911100000265
Ifsc code- ANDB0002819


One of the best step to give a new life to the “jinda jeev” who has to live a life of homeless despite of having a family.

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